Cardwell Sportfishing Club

CSC is one of the very few fishing Clubs in Australia which has its own clubhouse, leased from the Cassowary Coast Regional Council.

The clubhouse houses the History of ANSA memorabilia and we are proud that the organisation has entrusted us with their historical artefacts.

Current activities and contribution to the Cardwell Community

The club currently comprises 76 financial members (2017-18 membership), young and old, singles and families, sharing a common interest in fishing. Through participation, camaraderie, by promoting responsible angling, family values and, in particular,nurturing juniors, members adhere to the principles of our club motto, namely Sport, Conservation and Integrity.

Intra-club fishing competitions, weigh-ins and BBQ’s are held monthly, providing members with an avenue for family and social recreation. We are also committed to tag and release, participating in the tagging program that provides vital information of nursery habitat, fish movement, breeding pattern etc to researchers and fisheries management. This further assists researchers to make informed decisions of sustainable practices.

Events and activities organised by CSC benefit the economy of the community by bringing visitors to Cardwell. To highlight our club’s contribution to the Cardwell Community:

*Since 1970 the club has been hosting the annual North Queensland Championships, which is arguably the longest running fishing competition in Australia. 45 continuous years of attracting approximately 150 anglers each year to our small town is quite an achievement. *For 34 consecutive years CSC held the annual Cardwell Challenge. In 2008, this event became the Cardwell Barra Bonanza which takes place annually, just before the end of the Barramundi season, on the last weekend in October.

These events attract anglers and families from Mackay to Mossman and westward.

Member benefits

Camaraderie, shared knowledge, fun nights and social events, great BBQ’s and camping trips, informative talks at meetings, “civil war” with great State of Origin nights on the Big Screen and much more.

Several of our members are trained Junior Development Officers through “Sunfish”

Membership Application / Renewal 2019

Below is the 2019 Schedule of Fees. Please see the approprate option and press the Join button to complete the form.

Full Year 1/1/19– 31/12/19
Senior Members
16 and Over
Family Members
Spouse’s, as recognised by law, and their children
(up to age of 16, & dependent full time students up to 20yrs)
Dependent Students
Fully dependent student aged 16 years or over & who has at least 1 parent who is a financial member of the club.
Junior & Sub Junior, with 1 parent
Aged 10 years or older but less than 16 years of age.
Sub Junior membership applies to a person less than 10 years of age.
$ 6.00
Junior & Sub Junior, not part of family
Aged 10 years or older but less than 16 years of age.
Sub Junior membership applies to a person less than 10 years of age.

ANSA affiliation fees will be deducted for those applicants who are currently registered. Please enquire about applicable fees.

Life Members receive free Club membership, however they are still required to pay ANSA component of fees

Payment Options

Direct deposit: BSB 633-000 Bendigo Bank,
account no. 136213840
Cardwell Sportfishing Club Inc
Reference: your family name.